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After publishing my book, Be the Change: for the working woman, I dedicated myself full time to bringing my message to conferences around the world. Whether as a keynote speaker or a workshop leader, I help break through the boundaries that are limiting your team and get them ready to shape the future. Let me help you move from the world of yesterday's regrets to the world of tomorrow's victories.

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was born in 1983 and raised in San Diego Ca. Since the age of 14, Stephanie has been Balancing her life between Family, Friends, School, Career, Health, Social and Spirituality She has her Bachelor’s Degree in Healthcare Administration, Associates in Medical Specialties at California College San Diego.  Launch her Acting, Petite Plus-Size Modeling and Voiceover Career at John Robert Powers (Tower Talent), Trained by Hollywood’s most active voiceover artists AND multi-talented kids’ entertainer, Debi Derryberry who is probably best known as the voice of Jimmy Neutron. Learned Networking from her Mentor’s, The Achievers in 5linx, Lisa Nicole Cloud, Thomas Felder, Les BROWN and Marshall Sylver. 

So, it is no wonder that she became an author of Be the Change: for the working woman!

When she isn’t writing, Stephanie is an Active Entrepreneur, working the Entertainment and Network industry. Stephanie has gained her devoted audience online.  


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Business Woman

We all know how to start a sale, but what are the final steps that only the most successful salespeople know about? Using my patented Beyond Closing techniques, this workshop will help your sales team learn how to leverage their sales into the future and feel great about the work that they are doing, both for themselves and their clients.


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